Lightweight cabin systems
for Aviation

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Lightweight cabin systems
for Aviation

We defy gravity with everything we do. Our aim is to develop the lightest cabin systems for business jets. Created as a joint venture between F/LIST (interiors for business & private jets, yachts and luxury homes) and Hintsteiner (lightweight components for motorsports-racing), HILITECH has been moving ahead steadily since 2014. We can draw on the expertise and the networks of two successful, owner-managed, family companies. Partnership, trust and a proven pioneering spirit are the foundation for our success.

We are only satisfied with the best

We prove that we are unique and that we think and operate differently with each newly developed solution and innovative product. Our customer base includes numerous well-known representatives of the aviation industry. To keep things this way, we are using our expertise today to develop the right concepts for tomorrow.
Ignore gravity. Easily.

We think of projects holistically

We can assist our clients if necessary from the first steps of product development all the way up to serial production. Our extensive industry expertise and our networked approach offer you attractive additional value:

  • Coverage of all stages, from development to serial production
  • Flexibility and fast response times via in-house design, engineering and tooling
  • Optimization of ideas through expertise in the areas of aviation and maritime, motor sports, automotives, and defence technology
  • Formation of partnerships (supply chain): HILITECH - F/LIST - OEM
  • Part 21 production services in processing via F/LIST
  • HILITECH lightweight technology plus finishing via F/LIST

We use a wide range of modern composite materials in our manufacturing process. We achieve a weight reduction of 15-25% compared to conventional production through our integrative design and targeted combination of various materials in the development of components. The use of materials is perfectly balanced in terms of their characteristics and the product requirements. We always develop the ideal construction for each new component and can rely on patented solutions to do so. Our approach to specific product development enables us to fully exploit the lightweight construction potential of fibre-reinforced composites.


For us, technological advancement is all about understanding what our customers need and providing answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet. Using state of the art equipment and highly qualified, committed employees guarantee the best results. HILITECH has the following infrastructure available for rapid prototyping and component manufacturing:

  • 3D printing
  • Injection mould prototyping
  • CNC prepreg cutter
  • Autoclave / prepreg technology
  • press processes
  • Vacuum technology
  • CNC machining of tools & components made of metal, fiberglass & carbon-fibre
  • 3D measurement of tools & components
Tooling concepts
Tooling concepts

Specifications for business jet components can vary, so the production techniques need to be variable, too. Depending on the application, the materials and tools used determine the end result. We use the optimum tooling approach depending on the quantity, geometry and complexity of the component. HILITECH responds to your needs quickly and flexibly whether it is for one-off production or serial production. We design and produce the required tools in-house according to your needs. When defining the tooling process, we consider the material characteristics and guarantee perfect manufacturing quality without compromises or delays.

Cabin systems
Cabin systems

Our aim, to put it simply, is to offer the lightest cabin systems on the market. We think in modular and holistic terms, manufacture customized components and carry out serial productions. Our special approach to production allows us to achieve a weight reduction of 15-25% in the development of components compared to previous production approaches. This gives us a distinct advantage in an industry where every gram counts.

  • Manufacturing of complete cabinet systems such as galleys, wardrobes, stowage departments and lavatories
  • Finishing via F/LIST: Veneer and paint application
Exposed carbon-fibre
  • Panel components: laminar to multidimensional application of exposed carbon-fibre as decorative surface.

We combine the industry-leading expertise of F/LIST and Hintsteiner to deliver outstanding design and production of aviation and light-weight components. In our experience, weight and quality are usually the main factors in the search for new solutions. Whether it is for the cockpit, cabin or cargo area, we focus on the continuous development and improvement of state of the art components.


We invest in ideas and infrastructure. We invest in materials and equipment. We invest in employees who strive to make things better. In short: We invest in innovation.

Applied research and product development enable us to achieve our goals and offer our customers perfect solutions. Our clear-sighted focus is on the use of new materials in the components we are building. We develop integrated designs with hardware and inserts, test tooling technologies, and experiment with innovative composite structures using advanced and existing materials. We identify potential weight reduction through reduced or redefined material usage.

Our development expertise
  • Technical design and planning
  • Load-bearing optimisation via calculation and simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Stress Engineering
  • Certification Support
  • Fire laboratory approved by Austro Control
  • In-house structural testing facility, life-cycle & acoustics testing
  • DO 160 Temperature & Humidity Testing in-house
  • Decorative applications such as veneer, paint, leather, etc.
Currently open positions:

- Autonomous planning, coordination and completion of projects for the development and improvement of lightweight composite components for VIP aircraft interior
- Development of new technologies and identification of relevant technological Trends
- Development and advancement of process- and plant technologies
- Technical input regarding prototype development and construction for model and mold production
- Material- and process-related design and sizing


- Completed technical education and training (HTL, university or university of applied sciences)
- Experience in the aviation industry
- Profound knowledge in the area of composite materials
- Excellent CAD skills (CATIA V5 skills advantageous)
- Autonomous, team- and solution-oriented way of working
- Strong analytical and communication skills and assertive presence
- Excellent command of written and spoken English

Have we aroused your interest?

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In accordance with the Austrian collective labour agreement for this position the minimum annual salary is EUR 40,000.00 gross is stipulated. Depending on the candidate’s professional qualification and experience we are paying market competitive salaries. Additional attractive social benefits and training opportunities are offered.

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A Joint Venture between F. LIST GMBH and Hintsteiner Group GmbH.


- Construction, manufacturing and assembly of models and components from composite materials such as carbon composite
- Analysis of 2D plans of component and tool models
- Implementation of plans via computer-operated machines
- Rough processing and fine machining with various tools
- Ideal utilization of properties and characteristics of various materials
- Laminating of components and tools


- Completed compulsory educations (9 years)
- Interest in material and process technology and the three-dimensional realization of construction plans
- Manual dexterity
- Exact and diligent way of working
- Reliability, ability to work in teams and readiness to learn


HILITECH offers ist apprentices three years of comprehensive and sound training with various career opportunities, as well as the option to combine their apprenticeship with a higher school education and certificate (“Lehre mit Matura”). In addition, attractive social benefits are provided and the HILITECH advanced apprentice training program offers various internal and external trainings.

If you are interested in a model maker apprenticeship, please send us your application documents (cover letter, CV and report cards of the last two academic years). On a trial day you have the chance to get to know HILITECH firsthand. However, please understand that trial day requests are processed in order of the received applications and in accordance with our internal capacities. A trial day does not automatically lead to an apprenticeship contract.

For the first year of the advertised apprenticeship, the apprentice’s wages were stipulated at EUR 620.00 per month in accordance with the Austrian collective agreement.

Kirchengasse 1
A 8644 Mürzhofen
+43 (0) 2644 21333

A Joint Venture between F. LIST GMBH and Hintsteiner Group GmbH.

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Working at HILITECH means being a pioneer.

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